Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Family Photos

I've realized over the past few years that I much more enjoy the blogs geared more towards "lifestyle" than just "wedding", so you guys will definitely be seeing a lot more of my life!  I've always been a lover of photography and knew that once we got married, I would want to do some sort of family photos every year!   I recommend following your favorite local photogs on social media, as they have "mini sessions" throughout the year which gives the chance for some professional photos for a much better price point!

Usually most people don't start yearly photos until they have children, but hey!, this is my family right now and I just want to remember us as we were/are every year of our lives (I REPEAT, this is NOT an announcement of any sort!).  Last year in California, we had some great shots done by Hannah Delozier (who has since relocated to St. Louis for those in the Midwest!) and they quickly became my favorites.  I never LOVED my wedding pictures (which is a whole other post for another day) so I cherish these.  We drove to a library in Huntington Beach to take these in the adjacent park and I love that these represent part of our time in California.

This year, as we are back in South Florida, Cheryl of Cheryl & Jay Photography took our photos in .  It's amazing to see what has changed in just a year!  Coincidentally, we went to a library again with it's adjacent park/lake.  Now, if only I could remember to take that dang hair tie off my wrist! (They are lifechanging by the way, highly recommend!)

Should I share more personal stuff?  More pictures?  Let me know what you think below! 

xo, Elissa

Monday, December 18, 2017

[cue Eminem]...GUESS WHO'S BACK

(my blog/website are currently under construction so please bear with me here!)

OHHHHH MAN my dear old piece of cyberspace, it has been some time!  Hello out there! (if anyone is still reading!)  Life has changed so much since we last spoke (an engagement, wedding and new puppy!) and I can't wait to share so much of it with you all!  After 3.5 wonderful years in California, we are thrilled to be back in South Florida and I can't wait to jump back in the wedding game!  Or couldn't wait, as I should say, since it has happened already  On a beautiful Sunday in November, I was honored to be the day-of coordinator for a wedding at the Forge restaurant.  The bride's father is the chief sommelier at the eatery (and has worked there for 40 years!) so she brought me on a few weeks before to help lessen the stress and allow her dad to really enjoy the big day!

Luckily, they had dropped off almost everything Friday night for her dad to store beforehand, but there was still a good amount of set up to be done, including this mantle where the ceremony would take place.  The florist (Posy Co.) set up the 2 white baby's breath displays and then I was given a variety of candles and lanterns to go to town with.  I loved the outcome, especially once lit up at night!

While I understand a full wedding planner may not be an option financially for every couple, I'd definitely recommend hiring at least a day-of coordinator.  Weddings have so many components going on that day WAY before the main event even starts.  That morning, the couples should be able to enjoy those last hours getting ready with excited anticipation- NOT trying to figure out where the cake is and why the florist can't find the loading dock!  You put so much time, effort, LOVE and money into this night, why not get someone to wrangle it all so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor?

Are proteas having a moment?  I think yes!

I'm so glad the bride had a smart coworker (thanks Tal!) who encouraged her to find a coordinator; everyone in attendance was able to enjoy the night without worrying about anything, just as it should be.  A perfect night for an amazing couple- couldn't have asked for any more!

Can't wait to share more of my world with you all again!
xo, Elissa