Monday, May 5, 2014

…Still here!

I never realized how much work blogging was until I stopped.  Suddenly so much free time!  Which was necessary with a cross-country move and all, but I'm back!

Since I'm now residing in Southern Calfiornia, I'm going to be focusing Partyliss more on the items I make, still mixing in Parties/Weddings that I adore and inspire me.  I also noticed during this break that the blogs I keep up most with are ones that share their personal lives as well.  I figured this is a perfect way to let everyone know what's going on with my life out here-- I hope you all enjoy hearing about it more!

Also on the agenda-- decorating our new home.  I'm a huge fan of before/afters of spaces and decor as well (all kind of mixes together with events!) so I'll be showing how we do it all!

Ready for the ride?  Let's do this!
xo, Elissa

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