Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Trend Tuesday: Fresh Floral Runners

Something about spring on the horizon is making me (even more) gaga for flowers.  Usually in Florida it's not such a change from Winter to Spring, but seeing as I've been in the Pacific North West, I understand why people count down the days!  I stop mid step to celebrate any colorful boom I see popping out of the ground!  Fresh Floral Runners perfectly fill my craving with their lush-ness.  Can you imagine the fragrance they would emit as well?  Now budget wise, these wouldn't be the friendliest item due to the abundance of flowers needed to fill it out, but for now, can't a girl dream?

Does it make you want to go pick up some flowers for yourself as much as I do?--
9 days til the official start of spring!
xo, Elissa

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