Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thematic Thursday: Orange You Glad...

Orange you glad...that I'm back?
I apologize for my absensce-- in case you missed my Insta announcement,I've got some news- 
I'm moving to California… in 2 weeks!

It's always been a dream of mine to live in Southern California and the fact that it is actually happening in so surreal.  I've happily lived in South Florida my whole life (including college- Go Canes!) so it's odd to think of living anywhere but there!  California is going to be amazing, but Florida will always be my (first) home.  In homage to that beautiful sunshine state, I wanted to focus on our most widely noted produce- oranges!  If you're like me, a now out-of-state'er, here's some ways to incorporate oranges into your wedding day (pssssst- they make refreshing and cheap snacks in welcome bags!), or even just for your home when your feeling homesick and in need of some citrus--

via Ruffled

My posts may still be more sporadic over the next few weeks, but once settled, I'll be back
(albeit, in a state with less oranges surrounding me)
xo, Elissa

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