Friday, March 14, 2014

Happy Pi Day!

original image via Rosy Events

Nothing like Pi-Day Friday!
In honor of this glorious date of 3.14, here are a few of my favorite nods to that delicious, circular food:

How cute are these pie cupcakes I saw on Jessicakes?  M&M's under the latticework make you almost believe there are berries underneath!

I've always been a fan of Bakerella's creations and I remember how innovative these were back in 2009  before mini treats were in.

Lots of brides have been turning to pies instead of cakes for their receptions, but why wait til then-- how 'bout a pie tasting in honor of the occasion?  Invite a few friends to BYOPi

Who said it had to be a baked dessert pie?  See who can get the most creative with their "type" of pie:
pizza?  whoopee?  meat?  chicken pot?  The possibilities are endless.

Want it to be more interactive?  Make it a MYOPi (make your own pie!) party and gather the ingredients for your favorites!

Don't forget, we also highlighted monogrammed pies in this post last November!

Have a delicious weekend!
xo, Elisa

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