Monday, March 10, 2014

10 DIY ideas for leftover Mardi Gras beads

Has everyone successfully recovered from Mardi Gras?
The King's Cake, the floats, the beads… THE BEADS!
What is there to do after Mardi Gras with all those beads?
I compiled my favorite pictures and projects below to be of some inspiration:

1.  Love this Dollar Store DIY, especially with metallic colors.
2. This cake stand could make a festive staple for winter time
3. Perfect to hold all your make up brushes in place from CreateLivity is...!
4. Gus & Lula show how to create an amazing ceiling centerpiece.
5. A colorful fir to add to your holiday decor.
6. Such a cute (& functional!) way to store your wet boots.
7. I could totally see myself copying this lamp!
8. A surprise chair back that is still clean and contemporary
9. A Mardi Gras souvenir ornament for your christmas tree.
10.  People really dig skulls, so why not a multicolored one?

This could go on and on, including covering framed and letters too!  What is really impressive to me, though, are the pieces of art people make out of beads-- the texture, colors and various bead shape/ sizes really make for an interesting composition!

Now how's that for up upcycling?
xo, Elissa

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