Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thematic Thursday: Orange You Glad...

Orange you glad...that I'm back?
I apologize for my absensce-- in case you missed my Insta announcement,I've got some news- 
I'm moving to California… in 2 weeks!

It's always been a dream of mine to live in Southern California and the fact that it is actually happening in so surreal.  I've happily lived in South Florida my whole life (including college- Go Canes!) so it's odd to think of living anywhere but there!  California is going to be amazing, but Florida will always be my (first) home.  In homage to that beautiful sunshine state, I wanted to focus on our most widely noted produce- oranges!  If you're like me, a now out-of-state'er, here's some ways to incorporate oranges into your wedding day (pssssst- they make refreshing and cheap snacks in welcome bags!), or even just for your home when your feeling homesick and in need of some citrus--

via Ruffled

My posts may still be more sporadic over the next few weeks, but once settled, I'll be back
(albeit, in a state with less oranges surrounding me)
xo, Elissa

Friday, March 14, 2014

Happy Pi Day!

original image via Rosy Events

Nothing like Pi-Day Friday!
In honor of this glorious date of 3.14, here are a few of my favorite nods to that delicious, circular food:

How cute are these pie cupcakes I saw on Jessicakes?  M&M's under the latticework make you almost believe there are berries underneath!

I've always been a fan of Bakerella's creations and I remember how innovative these were back in 2009  before mini treats were in.

Lots of brides have been turning to pies instead of cakes for their receptions, but why wait til then-- how 'bout a pie tasting in honor of the occasion?  Invite a few friends to BYOPi

Who said it had to be a baked dessert pie?  See who can get the most creative with their "type" of pie:
pizza?  whoopee?  meat?  chicken pot?  The possibilities are endless.

Want it to be more interactive?  Make it a MYOPi (make your own pie!) party and gather the ingredients for your favorites!

Don't forget, we also highlighted monogrammed pies in this post last November!

Have a delicious weekend!
xo, Elisa

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Trend Tuesday: Fresh Floral Runners

Something about spring on the horizon is making me (even more) gaga for flowers.  Usually in Florida it's not such a change from Winter to Spring, but seeing as I've been in the Pacific North West, I understand why people count down the days!  I stop mid step to celebrate any colorful boom I see popping out of the ground!  Fresh Floral Runners perfectly fill my craving with their lush-ness.  Can you imagine the fragrance they would emit as well?  Now budget wise, these wouldn't be the friendliest item due to the abundance of flowers needed to fill it out, but for now, can't a girl dream?

Does it make you want to go pick up some flowers for yourself as much as I do?--
9 days til the official start of spring!
xo, Elissa

Monday, March 10, 2014

10 DIY ideas for leftover Mardi Gras beads

Has everyone successfully recovered from Mardi Gras?
The King's Cake, the floats, the beads… THE BEADS!
What is there to do after Mardi Gras with all those beads?
I compiled my favorite pictures and projects below to be of some inspiration:

1.  Love this Dollar Store DIY, especially with metallic colors.
2. This cake stand could make a festive staple for winter time
3. Perfect to hold all your make up brushes in place from CreateLivity is...!
4. Gus & Lula show how to create an amazing ceiling centerpiece.
5. A colorful fir to add to your holiday decor.
6. Such a cute (& functional!) way to store your wet boots.
7. I could totally see myself copying this lamp!
8. A surprise chair back that is still clean and contemporary
9. A Mardi Gras souvenir ornament for your christmas tree.
10.  People really dig skulls, so why not a multicolored one?

This could go on and on, including covering framed and letters too!  What is really impressive to me, though, are the pieces of art people make out of beads-- the texture, colors and various bead shape/ sizes really make for an interesting composition!

Now how's that for up upcycling?
xo, Elissa

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Waffle Wedding Cake

I love brunch.  Like REALLY love-- I usually go through 3-4 plates of food in one sitting!  A favorite brunch item of mine is waffles, so a wedding cake made out of waffles sounds super delicious.  Perfect for those couples who want to be a little different and aren't really into cake anyway.  I could also see this making a great groom cake for a waffle loving guy!  Not only would you get the ceremonial cut of the cake, but also the official first pour of syrup as a married couple-- bottoms up!

Chocolate chip?  Blueberry?  Personally I'm a plain sort of gal, but whatever gets you going!
xo, Elissa

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tuesday Trends: White Jackets

I'm a huge fan of the color white in general (Remember my post on the white hot Heat!  Lebron with 61 last night!) but I was unaware of how trendy it was for men right now!  While I did notice a good amount of blue suits like we talked about at the Grammy's, but I was more impressed with the white jackets this go around.  And even though 4 different people wore one, not one look was alike!  My favorite was Jared Leto with those Neil Lane diamond buttons-- swoon!  Love me some sparkle :)
Jumping on the white coat trend?  At a recent wedding, a father of the bride wore a white jacket for the ceremony and switched to a black one for the reception.  I love it-- it was totally him and more so connected him with his daughter (who was obviously in white) when he was walking her down.
xo, Elissa

Monday, March 3, 2014

Oscars 2014!

Like last year, I highlighted my favorite looks below.  I tried to do a top 5 and of course, ended up with 7.  And then I didn't have enough top favorites to do 10, so 7 it is!  I'm glad to see everyone dress the part for the Oscar's-- I'm a huge Black Tie fan so it's nice to see all the glamour (although I'm still on the edge about Pharell's shorts!).  

all photos via People

Kate Hudson - Versace
Sorry Charlize, but I think Kate won the battle to my heart this year!  This dress is perfect-- sexy without being too revealing and hugging her curves in the perfect way.  The perfect amount of sequins (and dare I say shoulder pads in her cape?), she is flawless.  I'd love to see a bridal replica of this during the coming year!

Sandra Bullock - Alexander McQueen
Oh Sandy, showing us life is still kicking at 50! (well 49 that is).  This deep sapphire/navy blue is the perfect jewel tone for her coloring and the rushing is just perfection.  Add on those Lorraine Schwartz earrings and amazing cuff?  Perfection.

Charlize Theron - Dior
Although now taking the top spot for me, Charlize still dazzled!  I love the slimmer silhouettes mostly seen this year and this one has a double effect with its see though layer near the ones, showing an even slimmer silhouette. Those nude straps too?  Let's that 15 million dollar necklace shine!

Jennifer Lawrence - Dior
While she's once again wearing a necklace backwards and had yet another fall at the Oscar's, Jennifer's dress only is reminiscent of last year's by who designed it.  I love this pop of color on her since it reminds me of that sexy Calvin Klein she wore in 2011, but a more mature silhouette that is the perfect compliment for her shorter hair style.

Lupita Nyong'o - Prada
Can we just talk about how this lady turned THIRTY ONE on Saturday?  I've looked young my whole life and am always told I'll be happy one day-- if I'm 31 and look like this, I'll be a happy lady!
Back to this dress- it is flawless.  The soft flowing material with the "duck egg blue" that compliments her skin tone so perfectly.  Our own modern day Cindarella!  She doesn't need a tiara to shine though, that dainty headband is the perfect amount of sparkle, and I predict some brides grabbing for one this year too!

Idina Menzel - Vera Wang
Although John Travolta can't pronounce her name, it's easy to say this emerald, draped sweetheart gown hit it out of the park!  It's structured with its gathering in the bodice yet drapes super organically in the skirt- very Vera .  Her Chimento neck piece is a beautiful compliment to the ensemble. 

Giuliana Rancic - Paolo Sebastian
Usually I don't include non-celebrites on this list, but I fell for Guiliana's deeply romantic gown!  I first spotted it on E! when she was showing 50+ dresses she was trying on for the occasion and was crossing my fingers that this would be it.  I love the juxtaposition of the appliquéd top with illusion neckline.  And that full skirt! Be still my heart.

There were lots of interesting sleeves/necklines on dresses that I didn't show here, which I hope to see more brides wear of this year.  And with so much white & other light colors going on, I won't be surprised if we see replicas of these dresses on brides to come this year!
And that's award's season folks!  View my posts on the Golden Globes & Grammy's if you missed them.

I have a little more Oscar fun tomorrow-- see you then!
xo, Elissa

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Oscar Sunday 2014!

I can't believe it's Oscar Sunday!
Like last year, I'll have an Academy Awards fashion post tomorrow, but today let's focus on the festivities themselves!  Since the show is on the convenient day/time of Sunday night, it can be hard to host a proper gathering since most have work the next day.  Kelle Hampton always talks about her "Pajama Glama"Oscar party, and I think she has hit the nail on the head.  Gather your favorite girlfriends (or just your favorite pooch!) and follow some of my ideas below for a fun fête.

A silky pair of pajamas will make you feel fancy (yet comfy!) for the occasion.
Add some jewels (I'm partial to statement necklaces!) to enhance the glam factor.
[plus JCrew Factory has an additional 30% off with code TAKE30 ! ]
Do you know how to tie a bow tie?  Make sure your man is always red-carpet ready!
This Oscar popcorn from Honestly YUM looks equal part delicious and adds that Oscar Gold!
Pink champagne with a little bit of gold and sparkle?  The perfect girly cocktail for tonight!
Last, this printable ballot from Minted lets you keep track of who picks the most wins!

It seems that I definitely have a slight blush/gold palette going on!  Maybe J.Law's dress from last year is still having an effect on me.  While I definitely enjoy the academy's picks, I'm clearly more so looking forward to the red carpet!  Check back tomorrow for my favorites :)
xo, Elissa