Wednesday, February 5, 2014

DIY Alcohol Bouquet

SO if Monday's post didn't provide a good gift for your favorite guy, fear not!  This is perfect for him (or any of your lady friends that you like to shower with love too!).  I had seen those done before with the mini bottles on sticks of sorts, but I wanted them to have more of a Valentine's Day kick!  If you ask me, it's pretty darn cute (kitschy yes, but it's Valentine's Day, what do you expect!) and since most of the items I already had on hand or purchased from my local dollar store, this easily came in under the price of a real rose bouquet around Valentine's Day!  Want to make one?  Follow the steps below! 

Disclaimer: my lighting stunk on the day I took these.  My post processing is getting better, but I'm not quite a professional graphic designer yet.  Bear with me people!
^^Self explanatory.  Everything with a $ next to it means I got it from the dollar tree!  The other tools I had on hand except for the mini bottles, which I picked up a variety of at a local liquor store.^^

^^Take your floral tape and wrap it around one of your skewers.  These will become your new stems since the original ones are too flimsy to hold the weight of the bottles.  Don't forget to stretch the tape out as your wrap!^^

^^Disconnect the top of the rose bud and it's components from the stem…^^

^^And assemble them on your skewer!^^

^^Next, take your glue gun and put a big plop of it in the middle of the rose.  Pull back the petals to make sure it only gets in the center.^^

^^Quickly shove that bottle in before the glue dries.  Mash it down as far as you can, while holding the flower down to not come off of the skewer!^^

^^Flip it back over, and one is done!  Plus the perfect (altered) quote :) ^^

^^Once you assemble a bunch, pour your stones  (or sand, any sort of weight to hold those stems upright) in and shove your skewered flowers in.  Add a heart with your current favorite Beyoncé lyric since it is so applicable and HELLO it's BEYONCÉ, always include her when possible! 

^^Look at that top view!  You're about to make your boyfriend (or girlfriend!) a very happy-- albeit buzzed-- person come Valentine's Day!

So another cheap gift for next week!  No excuse  not to celebrate people-- it's about the love NOT how much money can be spent!
xo, Elissa


  1. My alcohol seems to be a bit to heavy for the flower. It leans over. Any suggestions?

  2. Glue the petals on the side of the bottle and straight. Make sure the bud is secure with the stem.

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  4. Thanks for the tutorial! My husband always brings me flowers when he picks me up at the airport, so I wanted to return the favor with a twist I know he'll love after 9 weeks of insane field training ��

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  6. My skewer’s dont fit into the base of the roses where the stem was. I guess they come in different sizes.

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