Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A+A Wedding Highlight

So remember some talk about my Super Bowl of a Wedding?

Let's just say I was the Seattle Seahawks in this year's game-- not that everything was against me, but that it couldn't have gone better.  It was essentially perfect-- the best executed event I have ever been a part of.

Making it better?  It was my boyfriend's sister's wedding.  Essentially like my sister's wedding, since I only have a brother.  It was a seriously magical night.

Anyway, I know I always preach about the essentialness of a wedding planner, but I think a day-of coordinator is more realistic for most.  Since this was like a family wedding to me, I brought someone in to help run the day and take over later when I'd turn on to guest mode.  I've never juggled planning and attending at the same time before- it was a struggle at times, the end result was more rewarding than anything I've experienced.  Getting to share the whole wedding process with the bride & her mother is something I will remember forever!

At the top is the highlight film from the extraordinary Senderey Video Productions.
Time and time again, they have that clip to me less than 36 HOURS post event,
THAT MY FRIENDS is how to make a planner happy!  I hope you enjoyed it up there!

Here's to hoping and wishing that some images will follow soon!
xo, Elissa

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