Wednesday, January 22, 2014

We DID Wednesday: Super Bowl XLVIII

My first post back was about the Super Bowl, so I can't believe this little blog o' mine has been rocking and rolling for one year now!  I try to keep things original here, and have been putting my head in a swirl trying to think of a great DIY for the big game only to realize the answer was right in front of me already!  I've done so many DIYs this year that could (with minor changes) be transformed for the super bowl, so I've compiled them below to give you the ultimate accessories for your bash!

This should be a given right?

Exchange the Heat logo for the Broncos/Seahawks and keep your drink (and guests!) happy.

Switch the Orange chocolate for brown and draw appropriate white lines, and BINGO- a football!

Perfect for those game time finger foods!

Insert your favorite team's logo (or the Super Bowl's!) and you look like a rockstar.

These are all pretty easy that could be made during this weekend or even the nights before.  Giving you lots of time to focus on the food, commercials, and of course, the GAME!
xo, Elissa

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