Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tuesday Trends: Raising the Bar

(from L-R: yogurt / s'mores / cocktail)

About dem bars (not to be confused with Dem Babies)...
Popping up everywhere for everything!  While we've discussed them before for their popular candy buffet theme, all sorts of bars for drinks and food items have been showing up at parties.  They are a great way to showcase your party theme or just to highlight your favorite food at your wedding.  Best part about them?  Since you leave all the associated parts separated, everyone is sure to get what they want! See my favorites of some unique bars below--

Trail Mix Bar

Popsicle Bar

Pizza Bar

Hot Chocolate Bar

Popcorn Bar

Waffle Bar

Bruschetta Bar

Cupcake Bar

Bloody Mary Bar

Hot Dog Bar

I can't wait to see more innovative bars as this trend continues to grow!
xo, Elissa

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