Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tuesday Traditions: Sorority Brides

Rush week starts at the University I attended this week so it seems that Greek Life is always on my mind this time of year!  There are lots of ways to incorporate your special sisterhood into you wedding and below are just a few examples of special traditions and recognitions (I'm especially partial to the rose corsages to honor their sisterhood with the bride!)  While most of these touches won't be noticed by the general population at your wedding, you bet your sorority sisters (and perhaps, your fiancee's fraternity brothers!) will key into these special details.  Better yet, if you're sorority has a shade of blue as one of it's colors (Old Blue for a Sig Delt like me!), you can check that "something blue" off your list too!  Use your sisters pin to cover the "something borrowed" as well :)  Count the letters as "something old" and you are just about done!  Where's my easy button?

Alpha, Beta, Kappa, Delta… I could go on and on!
xo, Elissa

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