Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thematic Thursday: Winter White Fur

After yesterday's snowflake post (and today's 50° temperature!) , I thought we might need something to warm us up, so in came the fur!  While people usually only picture fur as a cape or jacket for the bride in terms of weddings, it can also be incorporated into the decor for a winter look that's not too holiday-esque.  It adds great texture and a bit of softness (in looks, not just touch) to anything you add it to.  While you can go in all sorts of neutrals with furs, I wanted to keep it white, aiming for a more clean look than rustic.  It's making me feel all warm looking at it -- which is good, because it's apparently only getting colder!

via Ruffled

So how about that fur for your brrrr?
xo, Elissa

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