Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thematic Thrusday: Sequined Bridesmaids

So if you couldn't tell from my New Year's Eve post, I'm a sparkle feign.  The funny thing is, most of my brides are not (and by not I mean not even in the slightest sense)!  One wedding in particular that is coming up fast has a very modern, sleek vibe and the bride will have none of that glitz (love you Miss A!) so I think it's been driving my personal mind into sequin overdrive!  None-the-less, I'm digging the sequin bridesmaid trend.  Whether they are all in the same dress OR different style (and color!) dresses with the sequins unifying them, you'll not only have bridesmaids that shine (literally) all night, but next new year's they have no excuse not to go out since they already have a fab sparkly dress to sport!

via Ruffled

via Ruffled

Some brides worry about the bridesmaids upstaging them on the big day (especially in sequins!), but I beg to differ-- they are like the sidetones to your solitaire ring, the overlays on your linens-- they only make you shine brighter!  You're the one in the beautiful (most of the time) white-ish dress-- no one is taking you down!
xo, Elissa

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