Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tuesday Trends ( /Something Blue!) : Grammy's Blue Tuxes

all photos on post via People.com

Anyone else notice the abundance of blue formal wear on the men at the Grammy's?  I've noticed blue tuxes becoming more popular lately and I'm not complaining!  My favorites are those in the darkest navy colors-- in low light areas, they look like a normal dark tux, but once you get any light on them, you see their true color shine through!  And could totally apply to your something blue, since he would be by your side all day!  Please though, stick to more hued shades, we don't need another powder blue suit like Harry's from Dumb & Dumber!

^^Jamie Foxx^^

^^Kendrick Lamar^^

^^Mikky Ekko^^

^^Hunter Hayes^^

^^Tristan Wilds^^

^^Ryan Seacrest^^

Have you got the blue flu?  Or sticking with traditional black?  (or go even further like Macklemore and Ryan Lewis did!)
xo, Elissa

Monday, January 27, 2014

Grammy Wedding Fashion

I love how the Grammy's fashion is always a bit edgier than the other awards show.  I'm always one to love a little bit of an edge, so I couldn't wait to see all the different looks. As I watched, I couldn't imagine them being translated into wedding gowns per say (like we saw with the Golden Globes), but they were FANTASTIC inspiration for after party dresses!  After being in that heavy dress all day, lots of brides love to change it up into something lighter, sleeker and sexier!  So when I saw the dresses below, a few different fashion motifs popped into my head.

Who were your favorites?  Besides these dresses above, I really loved Katy Perry's Valentino Haute Couture dress.  Like I said, the grammy's is time to be edgy and fun.  What better way to honor this special music awards ceremony than to wear the notes on you? 

Don't ya just love awards season?
xo, Elissa

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thematic Thursday: Leopard Print

Last week, I tried to stay with pure white for my fur post, but leopard kept popping out at me again and again so I decided to give it it's own post so it would leave me alone :)  Now, you don't want a leopard explosion that reads Jerseylicious nor Scary Spice, but there are ways to incorporate leopard touches into your event without going wild…wild animal that is ;).  Just like any other pattern, this perfect neutral punch can be a special add on to your palette and really show your true personality.  Sounding like something that's right up your alley?  See my favorite inspiration images below!

via Ruffled

Growl power!
xo, Elissa

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

We DID Wednesday: Super Bowl XLVIII

My first post back was about the Super Bowl, so I can't believe this little blog o' mine has been rocking and rolling for one year now!  I try to keep things original here, and have been putting my head in a swirl trying to think of a great DIY for the big game only to realize the answer was right in front of me already!  I've done so many DIYs this year that could (with minor changes) be transformed for the super bowl, so I've compiled them below to give you the ultimate accessories for your bash!

This should be a given right?

Exchange the Heat logo for the Broncos/Seahawks and keep your drink (and guests!) happy.

Switch the Orange chocolate for brown and draw appropriate white lines, and BINGO- a football!

Perfect for those game time finger foods!

Insert your favorite team's logo (or the Super Bowl's!) and you look like a rockstar.

These are all pretty easy that could be made during this weekend or even the nights before.  Giving you lots of time to focus on the food, commercials, and of course, the GAME!
xo, Elissa

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tuesday Trends: Raising the Bar

(from L-R: yogurt / s'mores / cocktail)

About dem bars (not to be confused with Dem Babies)...
Popping up everywhere for everything!  While we've discussed them before for their popular candy buffet theme, all sorts of bars for drinks and food items have been showing up at parties.  They are a great way to showcase your party theme or just to highlight your favorite food at your wedding.  Best part about them?  Since you leave all the associated parts separated, everyone is sure to get what they want! See my favorites of some unique bars below--

Trail Mix Bar

Popsicle Bar

Pizza Bar

Hot Chocolate Bar

Popcorn Bar

Waffle Bar

Bruschetta Bar

Cupcake Bar

Bloody Mary Bar

Hot Dog Bar

I can't wait to see more innovative bars as this trend continues to grow!
xo, Elissa

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thematic Thursday: Winter White Fur

After yesterday's snowflake post (and today's 50° temperature!) , I thought we might need something to warm us up, so in came the fur!  While people usually only picture fur as a cape or jacket for the bride in terms of weddings, it can also be incorporated into the decor for a winter look that's not too holiday-esque.  It adds great texture and a bit of softness (in looks, not just touch) to anything you add it to.  While you can go in all sorts of neutrals with furs, I wanted to keep it white, aiming for a more clean look than rustic.  It's making me feel all warm looking at it -- which is good, because it's apparently only getting colder!

via Ruffled

So how about that fur for your brrrr?
xo, Elissa