Wednesday, December 11, 2013

DIY Jeweled Sweater

I'm really digging the jeweled sweater look these days (not very surprising after my jewel tone post huh?).  But the prices of them!  Especially being a Florida girl, expensive sweaters are hard to justify.  And trendy jeweled ones?  Forget about it!
                                      via J.Crew/ Net-a-Porter                                                         via Tory Burch/ CUSP         

But of course, my ever spinning DIY mind said, hey Elissa, why don't you make one yourself?
So I did just that.

Perfect for all those holiday gatherings coming up or even a great gift for female friends and relatives, the shape, color and design of jewels can be personalized to the intended receiver making it an awesome DIY.  I know I always say it, but this very well may be my favorite to date!  The ones from J.Crew, Tory Burch and others can run up to $100+ and this one ran me about $45.  Definitely not cheap, but it looks just as good as the more expensive options, so I'm happy lady!
Here's how I did it:

^^Not too many materials here.  Any sweater or sweatshirt would work-- I really wanted a knit with some sort of textural pattern, so when I saw this Old Navy one on sale, I was sold.  It's super thick and luxurious so I'm a happy gal!  The jeweled elements were a bit harder to find, but I scooped those necklaces up at Francesca's.  I checked out J.Crew Factory, Forever 21 and a few other stores, but these really had the bright colors and different sized shapes that I was looking for.  Plus, they were buy one get one half off!^^

^^Place your jewels where you think you want them to get an idea.  I liked having the largest stones on the side (not the middle), so it wasn't too hard for me.  You can always detach the pendants and configure them differently, this one just happened to work out well for me!^^

^^Still needed to connect my two necklaces though, so I took my "pliers" and opened the jumprings on the two pendants where the necklaces would meet.  I left one jumpring on and reattached them to form a giant necklace (as seen below).^^

^^The moment 2 become 1… heartwarming.^^

^^Next, I pinned my necklace back to the sweater where I had previously placed it so it wouldn't move during the attaching.^^

^^Here's how I attached it to the sweater.  From the material picture, you can see I used thread close in color to the hardware so it wouldn't be seen.  I took the needle and went through the middle of the attached jumping, then did a 180 (#2) and went right back under the sweater.  I came back through the jumping again (#3) and then 180'ed around the other side (#4).^^

^^Then I simply tied a triple knot underneath to secure the jewels.  They aren't too big and pretty unnoticeable on the underside.^^

^^Flip it over and it's starting to look like our inspiration!^^

^^Now, open those jumprings on the end to detach the leftover chain.^^

^^And you're done!! How great is that!!^^

^^All you need is a nice string bow, this package is too pretty to put in a box!^^

Now, only one thing would make this better… a puppy!
^^Luckily, I have a pretty nosy one who doesn't care that it's owner is doing a photoshoot.  
Thanks Bosco!^^

That's all for now folks!
xo, Elissa

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