Wednesday, December 18, 2013

DIY Elastic (Holiday!) Hair Ties

Anyone else loving these elastic hair ties lately?  I'm ashamed to admit how much I spent on the first ones I got (about $5 for THREE!) but never again now that I know how easy they are to make!  I always am scratching my head for small gifts during the holiday season to give to people like a hairdresser, fellow employee, etc. as well as stocking stuffers, and these fit the bill perfectly.  Plus with a free RHYMING printable they are even more festive!  The total cost for this project was $10.99 and it makes about 21 hair ties of each pattern, so each set of three costs around $.50-- way better than even the dollar store can offer and it's something you know will be utilized!  Feeling the holiday spirit?  I've got the steps below so you can spread some holiday cheer:

^^The only tool I needed to buy was the fold over elastic, which I found here and it was 10.99 for 15 yards of elastic (+free 2day shipping- I love me some Amazon Prime!).  I should've put hole puncher as well, so you can add one of those or just use your scissors to poke a hole through when needed.^^

^^ Measure your elastic(s) out and cut them to your appropriate size. I tested lengths and compared it to ones I have bought and found out that about 8.5 inch length worked the best for me.  Test it out and see what length you like if you're nervous.^^

^^Now, take your lighter and gently go over the edges of the elastic to prevent fraying.^^

^^Time to tie!  Here's the method that worked best for me: (A) Fold the elastic in half.  (B)  Loop around one finger and pull the elastic through with your other hand.  (C) Pull the ends to tighten up.^^

^^Repeat with the other ribbons until you have one in each color.  Slide them onto that 3x5 card^^

^^Now poke 2 holes and lace that ribbon through...

^^And tie a pretty bow!  Festive and simple….

a little too simple for me, so I had to add some Partyliss pizazz!

^^So I created these cards that add a little more festive-ness.  And since I love you all so much, I've attached the file at the bottom so you can print some yourself!^^

^^Can't you just feel the holiday cheer?  Your hair will!^^

These things are awesome little favors to put together, you could do school colors, sororities, and the more popular organizations even have logos or letters already printed on certain elastics!
Not to mention, I don't dislike having these on my wrist as much as normal hair ties--
They're almost like another accessory :)
xo, Elissa

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