Monday, November 25, 2013

Monogrammed Pies

Some people are impressed when your china is monogrammed.  Me?  I'm a little harder to please
…but these pies had me at HELLO!
Seriously, could this be cuter (/more perfect for Thanksgiving week?!).  I know plenty of couples who aren't crazy about cake and have wanted to serve pie at their weddings instead.  How I wish that I would've had this wonderful blog to get my ideas stirring back then!  Whether you cut the letters out of extra crust ( or my boyfriends favorite- cut out of the baked crust and eat the scraps!), this personal touch is memorable and is perfect for the holidays as well!  Nothing says Happy 1st married Thanksgiving like a monogrammed pie!

via The Knot

Love the pie idea but worried about the mess on your big day?
(Cherry pie filling+big white dress= no bueno)
Try these fun sized confections to get the best of both worlds!

Off to start my own pumpkin pie for Thursday,
after all, it's best after a day or two!
xo, Elissa

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