Wednesday, November 20, 2013

DIY Jeweled Hair Crown

I've seen my readership jump in the past week so welcome new readers!  Feel free to stick around and read some other posts and don't forget to come back soon!

I'm loving the recent crown/headband trend.  Add some sparkle and you know I am in!  My best friend is going back to her alma mater this weekend for a football game and I thought I'd make her this to wear on game day!  Never thought I'd be making something in garnet and gold (I'm totally partial to my Hurricanes' orange & green!) but friendship triumphs all right?  Seeing as they are the seminoles, I'm interpreting this as a glam, modern take on an Indian headdress, which would also make it perfect for Thanksgiving next week (way better than dressing up as an actual Indian trust me… says the girl who wore costumes to Thanksgiving dinner).  I'll definitely be making more of these for myself in the next weeks and can't wait to wear them throughout the winter!  Want some of your own?  Follow my steps below!

^^Only a few items.  Your exact items can vary (for example, the type of metal, stone color/shape, etc) so look at these very generally.  Forgive my surgical clamps, guess that's what having 2 parents in the medical field gets me!^^

^^Start by taking your pliars/clamps connecting the strung jewels together.  If they come pre-strung, you could just connect them, but I replaced all the jump rings with smaller ones for a cleaner look^^

^^Everything is pretty easy to open.  I just stuck the tip of the clamps through the jump ring and opened them!  Be sure not to open too much though or else it will distort the ring's circular shape.^^

^^Once all the jewels are all connected, take an opened jump ring and connect the jewel strand to your chain, repeat on the other side.^^

^^Cut the chain in half and hold up around your head.  Take off any excess chain off the ends and add a jump ring to finish things off.^^

^^I don't think I've ever used the term "jump ring" in my life prior to this post, but look at me now!  Partyliss improving your vocabulary!  Your welcome :)

^^Last, string some leather cord through the 2 jump rings and tie in a bow.  Wham, BAM, thank you MA'AM!  Look at you now!^^

^^Don't worry I won't be picky, I'll take diamonds and jewels anywhere!  
::cue the music:: Diamonds on my neck neck di-diamonds on my grillllll^^

Off to make more crowns!
xo, Elissa

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