Wednesday, November 27, 2013

DIY Burlap Votives

Did you notice these in yesterday's post on the table?  They just scream Thanksgiving to me!  Funny enough, during a recent trip to Jo-Ann's Fabrics, I saw David Tutera's line selling these votives:

$1.99 each?  Really David?  I've know he tends to go a bit over the top with events (and budgets) but this is overpriced to the max.  Plus, I wanted to be all Joan Rivers "B*tch stole my look!"  After all, these were originally made years ago, before Pinterest was common and ideas like this were still unique to people :)

^^Here's a better look at the ones I created before for a past Thanksgiving.  And they cost WAY less than $1.99 each!  Don't they look even better when all lit up-- I love them!  Interested in some of your own?  And not paying $1.99 each?  Follow the steps below to create your own!

^^Besides the burlap and hemp, you probably have the other items laying around!  Like the paint in the spiderweb glass DIY, the hot glue easily comes off when dry, so you can simply peel off the burlap if you ned them for another use (personally, I say save them for next year's festivities-- Thanksgiving + burlap is always in style!)^^

^^Depening on the width of your burlap, you may need to cut it to not fit too high above the top of the votive.  Once cut in half, my burlap was perfectly sized!  Since the burlap is woven, I also removed the top few strands to create more of a frayed look.  If you more into clean lines (and ends!), feel free to skip this.^^

^^Wrap your now halved burlap around the candle and cut off any excess that would overlap once wrapped around^^

^^Next comes the glue!  Draw a strip of glue down and quickly pat the burlap on the strip before it dries.  Wrap the material around the candle and then add a few dots of glue near your original line to secure the end down^^

^^Now cut a piece of hemp cord and wrap it around.  You can finish it off with a knot, but being the lady I am, a bow always wins out!^^

Now, go make a few and slap them on that table and call it a night.  After all, you probably have lots of cooking to do!
xo, Elissa

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