Wednesday, November 13, 2013

DIY Birdseed Ornaments

Since we are basically mid-November (what!!), I thought I'd start including some simple DIYs that can double as party essentials and small gifts to keep on hand.  These came to mind last week when I was still in the Northwest.  With the cold, winter-y weather, I figured the birds might like a treat!
….except up north, birds migrate for the winter #floridianproblems

It's the thought that counts right?  Anyway, these would be great for any outdoor trees that you like to decorate in the holiday spirit or even for those indoor rustic inspired trees!  Or save them for the spring when the flying animals come back.  Whatever works!

^^The steps were so simple that I didn't even take pictures.  I mixed a package of unflavored gelatin with water until it dissolved and then added the seed.  No set amounts, just until the seeds all looked covered and there was no extra liquid.  Then, push the mixture into some cookie cutters (I used a heart cupcake pan) to get its shape.  Take a straw to make a hole and let it cool.
NOTE: a straw or other hallow tube would work (like a pen cap).  A normal rod wouldn't since it will just push the mixture down and not take it out for the hole!^^

^^Then just grab some string (I used hemp to keep with my rustic-ness) and lace it around a  few times.  Slip a tag on if you'd like to gift it or just tie a bow on top!  Easy as pie^^

^^Then watch as NO birds come and eat them!  Womp womp^^

But after all---

Here's to next spring!
xo, Elissa

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