Monday, October 21, 2013

Monogram Luggage Tags

After traveling so much this weekend, I have a new appreciation for luggage tags--
not only do they help you spot your bags more quickly, but they also are a way to personalize your luggage (after all, who needs colorful ribbon when you have your initials all classy and stuff on your bag?)  Whether you put your new monogram on them (love the first ones below, since guests can change it out after the wedding) or each guests' initials, it's sure to be utilized and not go into the junk drawer with most of the other wedding favors.  Put a quote that characterizes the two of you to allude to great memories the next time your guests travel.  Another great idea is to put them in with your save the dates-- your guests will be able to spot fellow attendees at the airport when they arrive (and see who they can continue the celebrations with when arriving back home at the end!)

Really feeling crafty?  See the link below to make them yourself!

I'm on the west coast for the next few weeks so you'll see some inspired posts coming soon!
xo, Elissa


  1. Wow! This luggage tags design is very unique. Two thumps up for creativity.

  2. Thanks Brady! Glad to know you enjoyed these.