Thursday, October 31, 2013

HalloWEEK- Trick or TREAT: Semi-Homemade Halloween Themed Snacks

Happy Halloween!
Have you decided to have a party after all the fun this week?  Perfect- below are some semi-DIY treats that you can make for tonight in a snap!  No one will believe you decided to put this all together this morning!  See the easy treats below--

ghosts & pumpkins via
^^Grab some bananas and clementines, with some celery & dark chocolate accents!^^

bones via
^^Stick some marshmallows on pretzel sticks and cover it all in white chocolate^^

witches' hats via
^^I made pilgrim hats with these cookies last year, but I love this variation with the Hershey kiss!^^

vampire donuts via
^^I haven't stopped laughing at these since I saw them!  Who knew some fake teeth would make such an impact?^^

spider deviled eggs via
^^Some olives add some spook (and taste!) to your average deviled eggs^^

cheeseburgers via
^^Anyone who knows me knows that burgers are always necessary.  And ones with jack-o-lantern cheese faces?  SOLD.^^

bandaids via
^^While a little too gruesome for most, these "bandaids" are certainly in the gory spirit^^ 

veggie skeleton via
^^A festive way to throw some healthy veggies in^^

broomsticks via
^^I know you must have some sliced cheese & pretzel sticks laying around!^^

...and don't foret your krispie treat pumpkins!  Find how to make them here!

Have a spooky, creepy and fantastic holiday!
xo, Elissa

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