Wednesday, October 30, 2013

HalloWEEK: DIY Spiderweb Glasses

Time for some last minute party decor!  I ran to a Dollar Store to see what I could do in a fictitious "last minute party" scenario.  I'm really excited with what I came up with since they seem to just scream Halloween!  The best part?  Wash them when you're done with the night and they will re-emerge into regular glasses again (just like kids on Halloween!).  Or give them as gifts and let everyone know to gently hand wash their themed favors.  Having some friends over tomorrow tonight?  Whip these up for some fun drinks and keep everyone in the Halloween spirit!  

^^Everything except the mounting srips were found at the dollar store.  How perfect are those black bottomed glasses?  For $1 each they're a great deal-- plus they are made in the good ol' USA!  The glitter glue (glitter puff paint will work too!) was perfect for creating the web-- it's mostly see through and sparked in the light just like a real spider creation. ^^

^^Wash glass thoroughly and remove any tags or stickers.  Take your glitter glue and draw some straight lines that all connect in the center.  I wanted the center of my web to be off so I drew the lines that way.^^ 

^^Connect the straight lines with curved lines in between, with the curve hugging into the center.  Repeat around web.^^

^^Start a another curved line formation around the first.  Repeat until only tips of your lines are left^^

^^Cut your mounting strips and place where the spider touches the ground.  Make sure there is no tape showing when you flip the spider over!^^

^^Stick that spider on it's web-- SPLATT!^^

^^Enjoy with friends and family-- whether at a Halloween party or just watching the trick or treaters from your porch!^^

Hope this last minute DIY helps you have a Happy Halloween!
xo, Elissa

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