Friday, October 25, 2013

Freaky Friday: Scary Halloween Costumes for Couples

Note: this post has some pictures/content that could be considered graphic.  Please read at your own risk!

I can't believe Halloween is already a week away!  I'm definitely getting more in the spirit being somewhere where the weather is cooler and crisper and fall leaves are a plenty.  Me and my boyfriend were invited to a couples' costume party and have had the best time trying to think of an unique (and creepy!) two-some that would be the talk of the party.  Here's some of our ideas below--  I love how none of them are something you can buy in a store (created by you for the win!) and are instantly recognizable.  I apologize for anyone offended by any of these images/ideas, but in the halloween spirit, almost anything goes!

Jackie & JFK via here
^^ Grab yourself a pink suit from a thrift shop (extra points for Jackie's signature tweed and/or pink) and a classic pillbox hat.  Add the goriness as you please^^

Bonnie & Clyde via here
^^Put on your best 1930's attire and add lots of bullet holes-- the more the better, as sources say they were shot up to 50 times!^^

Dexter & Victim via here
^^Grab an industrial strength apron and a green long sleeved shirt for your guys and wrap yourself in some saran wrap.  Be sure to clean up after-- Dexter was always sure to never leave a mess!  Extra points for the extra creepy/dead white contacts.^^

John & Lorena Bobbit via here
^^You might not recognize the names, but google them and I guarantee you'll recall this couple!  The blood is placed so perfectly and the evidence bag is sure to give everyone a laugh.^^

What about you- going the scary or sweet route this Halloween?
xo, Elissa

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