Thursday, October 24, 2013

DIY Lace Mask

SO this week is a "We DID Wednesday" as I actually did this yesterday!   With Halloween coming up, I always like to think of easy ways to morph everyday outfits into costumes with some accessories.  If you're engaged, there's no better time to be a bride for halloween (whether you go the traditional or Madonna route is up to you) and this mask would be a lovely addition to any bridal outfit.  Easy to make and definitely cheaper than anything you'd buy in a costume shop, it can also be done in other colors (black anyone?) to fit any costume you had in mind.  Tickle your fancy?  Follow the steps below!
Side Note: As I was editing the pictures, the mask/grey fabric was very 50 shades to me... so anyone being Anastasia Steele out there [or has an alter ego ;) ], this ones for you too! 

^^I got the mask template from here.  You can cut it out and hold it up to your face to cut/alter it to fit your features more.  I bought some tulle in case I needed I wanted to cut out the lace and arrange them on the tulle, but decided using the lace by itself was just dandy.  Feel free to use either way!^^  

^^Play around with the material and find where it fits best (patterns included!) on the mask.  Tip: I actually brought the mask to the fabric store and tested in with black lace in the same pattern to make sure the detials would be perfect on the mask.  Then, pin the lace to the mask so it doesn't move in your next step.^^

^^Cut out your lace.  Don't forget the eye holes!^^

^^I bought a few different types of lace to embellish the mask with.  Play around (even with extra scraps of the same lace) to see where you'd like the extra emphasis to be.^^

^^Pin the embellishments on your mask exactly where you'd like them^^

^^Then take some fabric glue and carefully lift up each piece (around the pins) and glue them to your mask.  Let dry for about 30 minutes.  Then, glue your two pieces of ribbon on either side!

^^See, very 50 Shades of Grey... am I right?^^

Still figuring out my costume for next week, but the mask may make an appearance in it!  Other than halloween, this would be great for bridal boudoir shoots (and maybe the honeymoon?) for you adventurous gals.  Who else is creating something for their costume this year?
xo, Elissa

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