Thursday, October 31, 2013

HalloWEEK- Trick or TREAT: Semi-Homemade Halloween Themed Snacks

Happy Halloween!
Have you decided to have a party after all the fun this week?  Perfect- below are some semi-DIY treats that you can make for tonight in a snap!  No one will believe you decided to put this all together this morning!  See the easy treats below--

ghosts & pumpkins via
^^Grab some bananas and clementines, with some celery & dark chocolate accents!^^

bones via
^^Stick some marshmallows on pretzel sticks and cover it all in white chocolate^^

witches' hats via
^^I made pilgrim hats with these cookies last year, but I love this variation with the Hershey kiss!^^

vampire donuts via
^^I haven't stopped laughing at these since I saw them!  Who knew some fake teeth would make such an impact?^^

spider deviled eggs via
^^Some olives add some spook (and taste!) to your average deviled eggs^^

cheeseburgers via
^^Anyone who knows me knows that burgers are always necessary.  And ones with jack-o-lantern cheese faces?  SOLD.^^

bandaids via
^^While a little too gruesome for most, these "bandaids" are certainly in the gory spirit^^ 

veggie skeleton via
^^A festive way to throw some healthy veggies in^^

broomsticks via
^^I know you must have some sliced cheese & pretzel sticks laying around!^^

...and don't foret your krispie treat pumpkins!  Find how to make them here!

Have a spooky, creepy and fantastic holiday!
xo, Elissa

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

HalloWEEK: DIY Spiderweb Glasses

Time for some last minute party decor!  I ran to a Dollar Store to see what I could do in a fictitious "last minute party" scenario.  I'm really excited with what I came up with since they seem to just scream Halloween!  The best part?  Wash them when you're done with the night and they will re-emerge into regular glasses again (just like kids on Halloween!).  Or give them as gifts and let everyone know to gently hand wash their themed favors.  Having some friends over tomorrow tonight?  Whip these up for some fun drinks and keep everyone in the Halloween spirit!  

^^Everything except the mounting srips were found at the dollar store.  How perfect are those black bottomed glasses?  For $1 each they're a great deal-- plus they are made in the good ol' USA!  The glitter glue (glitter puff paint will work too!) was perfect for creating the web-- it's mostly see through and sparked in the light just like a real spider creation. ^^

^^Wash glass thoroughly and remove any tags or stickers.  Take your glitter glue and draw some straight lines that all connect in the center.  I wanted the center of my web to be off so I drew the lines that way.^^ 

^^Connect the straight lines with curved lines in between, with the curve hugging into the center.  Repeat around web.^^

^^Start a another curved line formation around the first.  Repeat until only tips of your lines are left^^

^^Cut your mounting strips and place where the spider touches the ground.  Make sure there is no tape showing when you flip the spider over!^^

^^Stick that spider on it's web-- SPLATT!^^

^^Enjoy with friends and family-- whether at a Halloween party or just watching the trick or treaters from your porch!^^

Hope this last minute DIY helps you have a Happy Halloween!
xo, Elissa

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

HalloWEEK 2013- Something Blue: HAIR!

Woo-BOO! Halloween is almost here, so i bring you halloWEEK!  Stay tuned for some themed posts!

I know, I know, "something blue"... hair?  
Most of you are probably thinking of Kate Hudson's famous scene from Bride Wars...

...But blue/colored hair is pretty popular right now! (Think Katy Perry & Demi Lovato).  For the bride who really likes to do things different and make a statement.  I especially love the do's with a 50s flair to them--the retro blue hair color just fits in so well!  With Halloween around the corner, test out those hair sprays and see if the blue color is fitting on you.

More on the conservative side?  Some blue hair streaks also count and can be camouflaged for the ceremony and let loose for the reception!

xo, Elissa

Monday, October 28, 2013

HalloWEEK- Monogrammed Pumpkins

Woo-BOO! Halloween is almost here, so i bring you halloWEEK!  Stay tuned for some themed posts!

Nothing says October to me like pumpkins.  Now monogrammed said vegetable and we're really talking!  Perfect for your table's centerpiece or as decor outside your front door, these aren't you're average jack-o-lanterns.  Embalmed with your newly acquired initials, these pumpkins become more like pieces of art.  My tip?  Carve an artificial pumpkin and use it repeatedly for years to come.  Painting one with one of your wedding colors would make a nice trip down memory lane as well.  Now, to use that wedding logo of yours or the traditional script 3 lettered design?  Decisions, Decisions!  

Now make sure to toast some pumpkin seeds - whether fresh out of the pumpkin or bought from the store-- when carving/decorating, it doesn't quite feel right without them!
xo, Elissa

Friday, October 25, 2013

Freaky Friday: Scary Halloween Costumes for Couples

Note: this post has some pictures/content that could be considered graphic.  Please read at your own risk!

I can't believe Halloween is already a week away!  I'm definitely getting more in the spirit being somewhere where the weather is cooler and crisper and fall leaves are a plenty.  Me and my boyfriend were invited to a couples' costume party and have had the best time trying to think of an unique (and creepy!) two-some that would be the talk of the party.  Here's some of our ideas below--  I love how none of them are something you can buy in a store (created by you for the win!) and are instantly recognizable.  I apologize for anyone offended by any of these images/ideas, but in the halloween spirit, almost anything goes!

Jackie & JFK via here
^^ Grab yourself a pink suit from a thrift shop (extra points for Jackie's signature tweed and/or pink) and a classic pillbox hat.  Add the goriness as you please^^

Bonnie & Clyde via here
^^Put on your best 1930's attire and add lots of bullet holes-- the more the better, as sources say they were shot up to 50 times!^^

Dexter & Victim via here
^^Grab an industrial strength apron and a green long sleeved shirt for your guys and wrap yourself in some saran wrap.  Be sure to clean up after-- Dexter was always sure to never leave a mess!  Extra points for the extra creepy/dead white contacts.^^

John & Lorena Bobbit via here
^^You might not recognize the names, but google them and I guarantee you'll recall this couple!  The blood is placed so perfectly and the evidence bag is sure to give everyone a laugh.^^

What about you- going the scary or sweet route this Halloween?
xo, Elissa

Thursday, October 24, 2013

DIY Lace Mask

SO this week is a "We DID Wednesday" as I actually did this yesterday!   With Halloween coming up, I always like to think of easy ways to morph everyday outfits into costumes with some accessories.  If you're engaged, there's no better time to be a bride for halloween (whether you go the traditional or Madonna route is up to you) and this mask would be a lovely addition to any bridal outfit.  Easy to make and definitely cheaper than anything you'd buy in a costume shop, it can also be done in other colors (black anyone?) to fit any costume you had in mind.  Tickle your fancy?  Follow the steps below!
Side Note: As I was editing the pictures, the mask/grey fabric was very 50 shades to me... so anyone being Anastasia Steele out there [or has an alter ego ;) ], this ones for you too! 

^^I got the mask template from here.  You can cut it out and hold it up to your face to cut/alter it to fit your features more.  I bought some tulle in case I needed I wanted to cut out the lace and arrange them on the tulle, but decided using the lace by itself was just dandy.  Feel free to use either way!^^  

^^Play around with the material and find where it fits best (patterns included!) on the mask.  Tip: I actually brought the mask to the fabric store and tested in with black lace in the same pattern to make sure the detials would be perfect on the mask.  Then, pin the lace to the mask so it doesn't move in your next step.^^

^^Cut out your lace.  Don't forget the eye holes!^^

^^I bought a few different types of lace to embellish the mask with.  Play around (even with extra scraps of the same lace) to see where you'd like the extra emphasis to be.^^

^^Pin the embellishments on your mask exactly where you'd like them^^

^^Then take some fabric glue and carefully lift up each piece (around the pins) and glue them to your mask.  Let dry for about 30 minutes.  Then, glue your two pieces of ribbon on either side!

^^See, very 50 Shades of Grey... am I right?^^

Still figuring out my costume for next week, but the mask may make an appearance in it!  Other than halloween, this would be great for bridal boudoir shoots (and maybe the honeymoon?) for you adventurous gals.  Who else is creating something for their costume this year?
xo, Elissa

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Something Blue: Toasting Flutes

While "something blue" signature drinks are pretty standard in weddings, why not spice up your special toasting flutes with a pretty shade of blue?  This adds some flair without going too out of the ordinary and people will certainty notice it during those toasts!  They add a little bit more magic than the average  champagne glass and would bring a smile to any face when spotted among your average clear glasses in your kitchen post-wedding.  Here are a few of my favorites below, with their respective makers listed underneath.  Check them out and see if if this something blue appeals to you too!


via Nambé/ Nordstrom

via Baccarat/ Crystal Classics

via Mikasa/ Bed Bath & Beyond

REALLY digging the colored flutes?  Get everyone in on the fun-- blue champagne glasses for all!

Champagne not your thing?  Possibly with child? Or even engaged & underaged?  Blue mugs for celebratory hot cocoa can be just as cute!

Drinking your champagne in unique style?  Comment below & tell me about it!
xo, Elissa