Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fruit Letter Drink Accents

SO if you haven't heard from your favorite weatherman (hi Al Roker!), South Florida is getting poured on.  I blame myself after claiming Saturday was "the most gorgeous sunny day we have had in a while" and now I'm thinking you can describe outside as 50 shades of gray.  Combine that with the incoming fall season and I knew I'd like some warm apple cider.  Having a ton of fruit left over from the holiday this past weekend, I grabbed some alphabet letters to personalize my cinnamon stick and love how it turned out!  Sometimes DIYs can be the simplest of things that make an impact and with wedding season starting, I'll be sharing more of these easy tricks.

PS- Did I mention the weather was bad?  No natural light= not my greatest photos.  My apologies in advance.

^^I used toothpicks to balance the letter in the cinnamon stick and it worked out perfectly.  When I realized how much fruit we had left over, I instantly thought of my favorite drink (sangria!) and thought this would be a perfect addition since they are made out of fruit.  You can also use meaningful number (I'm partial to 23) to represent an anniversary, the new year, or as a nod to an athlete you are celebrating! 

Sometimes it's the simple things-- after all, it's all in the details!
xo, Elissa

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