Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Something Blue: Van Gogh's Starry Night

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Art History was the only AP exam that I got a perfect score on so I'm always inclined to draw inspiration from amazing art.  After all, who better to learn color, design and style from than the greats? (Their passion and dedication is something to note too!)  The emotion that this painting emits is sure to be recognized by everyone there.  Who needs an outdoor wedding when your something blue Starry Night can be recreated and reinterpreted indoors? 

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^^A nice nod on the cake without engulfing it in the painting^^

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^^The perfect backdrop for your rings^^

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^^For the Starry Night aficionado^^ 

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^^If you don't want an exact match, grab inspiration from the piece itself!^^

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^^ Even try uplighting to create your own Starry Night!^^ 

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^^The couple's interpretation of the painting- one of a kind (just like their wedding!^^

Is art inspiring you or your event lately?
xo, Elissa

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