Wednesday, August 28, 2013

How to Polish Silver Using Only Baking Soda & Water!

Last week my grandmother gave my mom this jewelry with beautiful turquoise.  The silver was badly tarnished and my mom almost tossed it away!  I loved the Native American influence it displayed (those feathers?  I die) and remembered a trick I had first learned on Pinterest about a year ago.  While the pieces were lovely before, now their newly discovered sheen makes me so excited to wear during this fall season!  WARNING: I can't endorse using this on all gemstones (ones like turquoise are porous and can possibly be damaged by this soak) but I have done it on a ring with a pave diamond halo and I can tell you nothing makes it shine more!  This would be fantastic for any silver you inherit during your engagement/wedding.  This DIY will definitely make those family heirlooms look brand new again!

^^Since this cuff had turquoise, I did it one side at a time so the stone was never fully submerged.  But that change?  Wowee!  Check out that line that shows the part that was in the solution from the part that was out-- huge difference!  Follow the steps below to make your silver look brand new!^^

^^Possibly the easiest materials ever, I feel almost silly making a photo representation for it!^^ 

^^Just place your tarnished silver in the foil covered tableware and cover with some baking soda.  Make sure the piece is touching the foil (and not just sitting on a heap of soda!)

^^Pour the boiling water over the powder and watch it bubble away!  The reaction of the baking soda + boiling water + tin foil can smell a bit sulfuric (here's your warning!) but it shouldn't be too overwhelming.  Let it soak for about 10-15 minutes^^

^^The bubbles all over your piece confirm that the mixture is doing it's job.  You can almost see the tarnish come off right before your eyes!^^

^^Then just rinse in some hot water and polish with a microfiber or other scratch free cloth!  I did the necklace one half at a time so you could see the difference!^^

^^As you can see, while it was shiny before, the difference in the brightness of the silver is unremarkable!  And didn't require any goopy (or pricey) silver polish!  I went over the areas near the silver with a SOFT headed toothbrush (that I keep strictly for jewelry) and a slight paste of baking soda & hot water (and washed it off right away).  I've since cleaned all my silver jewelry again and can't believe how brand new it looks!

2 steps for brighter silver?  Can't get better than that!
xo, Elissa


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