Wednesday, August 7, 2013

DIY Glittered Feather Place Cards

Here's a general wedding rule: an "escort card" tells you what table you are sitting at (e.g. Mr. Alan Smith, Table 5) and a "place card" tells you what seat/place you are sitting at said table.  They are usually used interchangeably without much retort, but next time the someone uses it wrong politely correct them and impress them with your wedding IQ!

ANYWAY, after seeing this picture in an email from the Knot last week, I knew I had to try these.  I don't know if it was my Gatsby infatuation jumping out or just the juxtaposition of the textures that did it, but some stray feathers on a hike the other day confirmed that I needed to make these ASAP!  This DIY is so easy- perfect for someone that wants to add some last minute details.  Not that I advise that, but hey- I work well under pressure too!  Since I'm not in my usually city, it was easy to pick up these few tools and end up with something this cute without much effort (seriously, the hardest part was tying the bow on the tag!)  
Love glitter more than Mariah Carey?  Follow the steps below and these are all yours--

^^Like I said, nothing atypical.  Nothing brand or type specific-- colors included!^^

^^Take your paint brush and paint the portion you want to be glittered^^

^^Cover paint areas in glitter.  Put a bowl underneath to catch excess^^

^^Stick in feathers in something to dry.  I'd suggest styrofoam, but since I had none, I folded a shipping box back up and stuck the ends in the middle of it^^

^^Cut a 4 in. piece of string and loop around feather.  Pull both ends through the tag and tie a bow!^^

Easy as pie.  While not a very crazy DIY, it's still something that adds some personality to any event!  Plus, they could also be placed in/around floral elements (e.g. centerpieces, bouquets) to be further incorporated-- very Marie Antoinette!
xo, Elissa

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