Wednesday, June 19, 2013

We DID Wednesday!

Holy cow this week has been busy!  And add that game last to it..!!! I had a feeling something that this week was going to be something epic, so I whipped up these special NBA-esque treats to serve at the Game 7 party you are obviously having!

^^This was so simple I felt silly writing a To-Do for it! Here's a simple run down:
1. Wash/Dry Strawberries (any water will mess up the consistency of the chocolate!)
2. Temper orange chocolate melts in double broiler
3.  Add gel coloring as needed to get ball color (I used copper & orange)
4. Dip Strawberries and place on parchment lined pan
5.  Transfer to fridge to cool ( I left them overnight)
6.  Take black icing/gel and use a small tip to pipe on ball lines
7.  Back to the fridge to harden the icing and ready to eat!

Also, one of my best friends graduated (Yay S!) and so I decided to fake a monogram and substitute her new degree for her initials!  
I created this transfer myself with:
contact paper, 
heat activated Swarovski crystals (worth the extra few bucks for that sparkle!), and 
a heating tool.
^^The result was all I wanted-- and cost less than half that the company charges!  This can be heated on to anything, from robes to bags to candles-- perfect for bridal party gifts!  If anyone wants a tutorial let me know :)

I hope your week has been just as busy and exciting!
xo, Elissa

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