Monday, June 3, 2013

One for the Books- Folded Page Monograms

Let's just preface this by saying I'm a big lover of paper.  Real thick paper with great typography and style-- swooooon.  When I previously worked for Nordstrom in their Wedding Suite, I fell head over heals for these old books we displayed that had intricately folded pages to display certain love phrases. It didn't hurt that they were books like Pride & Prejudice, Gone with the Wind, and other classic romance novels.

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^^So sweet, right?^^

What a statement they made!  Brides and other guests would always ask about them and where they could get them, but corporate was very tight lipped about these precious finds (Although the link above identifies the artist as Issac G. Salazar and you can see more of his amazing work here!).  The other day, I saw this picture and was happily reminded of the lovely pieces of literature...

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...but this time I couldn't let it go.  Luckily, my friend Etsy was there and that's where I found these amazing vendors.  Mark Saul of Novel Brand is who created the books in the above pictures.  How cute are those initials in the hearts? BUT who really stole my (monogrammed) heart was Luciana Frigerio.  Look at all of these monogrammed folded books masterpieces!!

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Be still my monogrammed heart!
Although a little expensive for such small pieces, they could easily be used for home decor post-event.  On a mantle behind your ceremony, sweetheart table, or displayed behind your escort cards, these books would certainly make a statement your guests won't forget.

What about you- do these folded books make your heart go pitter patter?
xo, Elissa

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