Wednesday, May 1, 2013

We Do Wednesday: Watercolor Wonders

A step-by-step tutorial!


Some things to note:
1. Forgot to list the pencil in the materials.  Oops!
2.  Masking Fluid is very thing (like water) when you first use it, but dries the consistency of rubber cement.  Buy a small disposable brush to use, as the fluid will basically destroy it!
3.  Try testing your watercolor before hand to see the strength of the color (you can see I did this in Step 3)
4.  Maybe doing an ombré fade to white wasn't the best idea when the words are white! 

I'd love to try these with escort cards and gift tags.  And using an ombré between colors to make it even brighter and more exciting!  Who is going to try this?
xo, Elissa

Post edit: Maybe I should add a #4 to that note list-- make step-by-step instructions in an easer to read font!  Duh Elissa!

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