Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tuesday Blues-Day: Military Blues

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I'm still in a Memorial Day state of mind, so what better way to honor our soldiers on Tuesday Blues-day?  I've been involved in a few military weddings I love the pomp and circumstance that comes with a military wedding: The arch of sabers!  The cake cutting sword!  and of course, those perfect blue uniforms.  With medals and regalia galore, it's like prince charming stepped out of the fairytale and into their modern day celebration!  Her knight in shining armor uniform is the perfect "something blue".
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^^The famous arch! I especially love the butt tap that follows the ceremonial practice-- welcome to the military family!^^

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^^Her very own prince charming!^^

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^^Jumping the broom in blue!^^

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^^The way the cake is cut at military weddings- with a sword!^^

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^^happy wife, happy life!^^

What really makes these uniforms so special is the service put in to have the honor of wearing them-- it's something that money nor connections can get you without having served!  A great way for men (and women) to display their passion and hard work on their most special day!  Whether it be in their dress blues, whites or reds (like our favorite Prince Willy!), these service personnel deserve to be distinguished in these decorative garments-- doesn't hurt that they have to be perfectly pressed too!
xo, Elissa

PS- I searched the depths of the internet to find a bride in her dress uniform too with no luck. I'd love to share it if anyone knows of one!

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