Tuesday, May 14, 2013

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil

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Being a Greek Jew, I have a connection to the evil eye and saw some confetti canons in my mind when I thought about including them for today's post!  For some reason, the rest of the world didn't seem to connect as much to this idea and the images in this post are found from the depths of the internet using a  slew of search word combinations.  Either way, these blue eyes would be perfect for your "something blue", while warding off evil from your wedding day (and marriage thereafter!)  Below you see that there are so many different and unique ways that they could be presented!

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Perfectly Pinned on your Bouquet

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A Unique Hair Accent

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Tying in with Another Tradition of Jordan Almonds

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The Perfect Accessory for your (belt) Accessory!

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Pinned to your Dress, Safe & Sound

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An Amazing Favor to Protect your guests!

What do you think?  I LOVE this idea and the special meanings behind it that tie it to various cultures.  And why not have extra protection on that special day- it couldn't hurt!
xo, Elissa  

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