Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Partyliss Does Succulents

 I had seen these on Etsy and really loved the look (but not the price!).  Then, I saw this post and it helped me create something similar to the Etsy find.  It was super easy and turned out really great while appeasing my monogram itch.  I think it would turn out better and be easier to do more linear letters (A, F, M, etc.) but you just gotta judge the plants placement ahead of time to make it work with the curves.  Also, if you want more variety or cleaner lines, use very small succulents.  Check out how I did it below!

Feeling the succulents?  I can totally see this displayed at an outdoor wedding event-- cocktail hour or perhaps the reception!  What a cool thing to keep in your backyard post-wedding too.  I hear succulents are more self sustaining plants than flowers, so here's to hoping it lasts!
xo, Elissa

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  1. The bottom of the planter will just deteriorate if it's simply cardboard w/o a sealant like the duct tape on the sides...I don't understand that part.