Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Birthday Week! Day 3: DIY Koozie, it's NOT a doozy

(I was THIS close to putting "Kustom Koozies" a la Kardashian style...I hate myself too)

After my drink post yesterday, I was trying to imagine all the days I could pull the birthday card this weekend (attention all on me!) and thought of a pool/beach day with my friends sounds very appealing.  Always one to display to the world that it's my day, how would I do that in a bathing suit?  Drink koozies came to mind, since they are usually a fixture in those situations, so I decided to make a special one for my birthday.  I warn you- put some sunglasses on as it's VERY sparkly-- but hey on birthdays, the glitzier the better right?  (cue Honey Boo Boo).  See how you can make your own special koozie below (non-birthday edition included!)

^^Finito, easy-peasy!^^

and see below if you're extra crazy (like me!)

(NOTE: I think permanent markers would work better- my Crayola ones smeared when wet!)

I could definitely see this for a bachelorette weekend (bride & bridesmaids koozies anyone?) and would love to see a mini veil on the bride one!  They are just too easy and cheap (the koozies were a dollar each at Michaels) and are another cute way to personalize your life-- for an event or even just for a beach birthday :)
xo, Elissa

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