Wednesday, April 17, 2013

We Do Wednesday: "Ribbit" Roses

Disclaimer: Below is what happens when you do a DIY at 8 pm at night and edit with your screen light on low-oops!  Natural light is your friend- don't be a doof like me and photograph your items without it!

I've seen a picture floating around pinterest and have been itching to try this method-- verdict is still out why the method is called a "frog" but let's hop (hehe) into it!

You'll need a bowl, some scotch tape, flowers and (optional) a craft knife.  Here's my bowl- I'm loving metal lately!

Simply tape stripes parallel to each other along one side

If you have a craft knife handy, it makes cutting the excess tape off the edges much easier!

Then start putting your tape stripes perpendicular to the last ones

...and that is your frog!

The frog makes it easy to stick flowers in and hold them in the position you are wanting.

I like to use the biggest blooms first and then continue to fill in with the smaller flowers

Once it's filled in- a perfect floral arrangement!

If you're real snazzy, you can even decorate the vase!

Any other animal methods you are DIYing?  Holler at your girl!
xo, Elissa

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