Tuesday, April 23, 2013

We Do Wednesday: Bogus Burgers

^^I love cheeseburgers.  I could probably eat them everyday for the rest of my life.  I also love cupcakes,  so this merger is one of my favorites.  I first made it years ago for my family on Father's Day and everyone loved it!  With summer coming around, I couldn't wait to whip these out again!^^

^^Here are all my tools.  Since I'm in Oregon, I had to improvise on my cookie cutter (an aerosol cap!) and just used ziploc's instead of icing bags.  Feel free to use any brownie or cake recipe!  I didn't use cupcake liners  since I wanted to mimic the texture of a bun, but I left them in a little too long and the edges got a little brown.  I'd recommend watching them the last 5-10 minutes to prevent this!^^

^^Use your cookie cutter to cut out brownies around the same size as your cupcakes^^

^^I recommend using a 7x11 (or 9x13!) pan for the brownies.  I used a 8x8 square and thought they were a bit too thick.  I love how the top of the brownies mimic the surface of a real burger!

^^Slice your cupcakes in half and brush the tops with water and sprinkle on some sesame seeds^^

^^Put a brownie burger in your bun--^^

^^And you got a plain hamburger!  But we can do better^^

^^Separate your icing into 3 separate bowls and mix the partioned icings to yellow, green and red accordingly.  Spoon them into icing (or plastic!) bags and cut the tip off for easy application^^

^^Since I wanted the yellow to mimic cheese, I tried to copy the shape of a slice of cheese.  Since the outsides are what will be showing, I didn't put a lot of icing on the inside of the square^^

^^Next, green was my lettuce.  Again, I tried to mimic the lettuce shape with my squiggles!^^

^^Last, the ketchup/tomato. I just tried to stick this in a place that would still show outside of the other two colors!  I also placed a nice dollup in the middle to even out the icing for the topper.^^

^^Sandwich together and you're done!^^

Mhmm these are making me hungry!  Besides Father's Day, I think they'd be adorable for any BBQ cookout, sporting event, or on something like 4th of July.  They are pretty easy to make and über festive-- people always go crazy for them!  I hope you get a similar reaction!

xo, Elissa


  1. Bringing these to a BBQ! Burgers w/ burgers for dessert. Get on board or get out.

  2. Any suggestions on what kind of brownie mix to use? I would Love to know seeing that I have to make these for my 5 year olds sponbob birthday bash. Pleeease reply to me!! X.green113@gmail.com

  3. Hey Xyita! I don't even remember what brand I used-- any should work!

    Thanks for commenting!