Wednesday, April 3, 2013

We Do Wednesday: As Good As Gold

Browsing Michaels today, I saw these letters and knew not only did I need to have them, but I wanted to jazz them up too.  Ditching my original idea for today, I remembered seeing something with gold leaf on pinterest recently that made me want to try the material.  Never try to stop this girl on a mission!

These are the letters, which cost $1.50 a pop.   There only a few inches tall, but pretty thick wood, making them able to balance.  There would be so many uses for these decorating various parties, or even in your home! (Bookends anyone?)  The other letter is for my boyfriend, Z!

Here are my materials.  The gold leaf kit I bought came with adhesive, sealer, basecoat and antiquing glaze (all picured below).   I also grabbed a sponge brush and soft paint brush from my stash.

I used only the adhesive so far, with plans to seal it today, since I wanted the leaf to cure on the letter overnight.  Wasn't really interested in the antiquing glaze since I was going for a modern look and I'm still confused why they provided red base coat for a gold leaf kit!  I just left mine white :)

I took the adhesive and put a thin coat on the letter and waited a LONG 20 minutes (GROAN- if I would have known this prior I would've bought adhesive spray, which only takes 2!)

As you can see, when it dried, the sheen had changed and it was sticky, all ready to go!

Then I simply placed the letter sticky side down on a leaf sheet.  I flipped it over and immediately started smoothing it out over the letter with a soft paint brush.


I LOVE the chrome effect that gold leaf gives!!

As you continue brushing, the parts of the sheet that aren't touching the adhesive will begin to come off the letter.

To facilitate this process of cleaning up the letter, i started brushing a little harder at the edges with my brush.

Eventually I moved to the sponge since it had a grippier texture to make cleaner lines while removing the excess.

TA-DAH!  All done.  Just need to seal it tonight!  (Will update once that is done)

I can't rave enough about this.  Pictures do it NO JUSTICE at all- in person, it looks so amazing!  While making it last night, I kept falling more and more in love with it and couldn't believe how good it was turning out!  I could totally see this being sold in a store like Anthropology.  Be warned though-- the gold leaf gets everywhere!

Anyone else gaga for gold leaf?  I can't wait to try another project with it-- officially obsessed!
xo, Elissa

PS- anyone wondering what happened to my boyfriend's Z?  I accidentally leafed the wrong side.  Way to go Elissa! NOTE: Gold leafing at 11pm is never a good idea!  I bought a new Z and will be doing it tonight!

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