Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tuesday Blues-day: It's All in the Details...

This Tuesday is feeling more blue than usual because of the incidents in Boston yesterday.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to anybody affected by these horrible events.

We've looked at blue wedding dresses before, but what if you only want a tiny bit of the color to spice up your wedding gown?  The following blue dress details are a perfect way to wear your something blue while still wearing bridal white.

^^ your favorite love quote^^

^^Christian Dior, be still my heart!^^

^^A heart of your dad's favorite blue shirt to keep him close^^

^^A clever way to spice up your corset back!^^

^^This Douglas Hannant gown?  WOW!^^

^^A tiny blue bow that could also hold up your dress bustle^^

^^Under the dress blue?  Who would have knew?^^

^^This last bride (above & below)had a detachable train which her sister-in-law dyed the inside blue^^

Would you wear something blue with your white gown?
xo, Elissa

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