Monday, April 22, 2013

Monogram Monday: Nailed It

Author's Note: I love the idea of using one of these on your big toe for your honeymoon but couldn't bear to post picture of feet/toes displaying it-- what is it about feet that just isn't cute?  Read on!

^^Recognize the above picture?  Anne Hatahway at the Oscar's, no monogram you say?  Look a little closer...^^

^^Aha!  Even Anne Hathaway is on the monogrammed nail trend!  Although the actress was honoring her 2 grandmothers by having their initials on her nail, I also love this idea for brides or anyone that just wants to show off their monogram^^

^^There are many ways to achieve this look.  You can use anything from tiny metal decals...^^

^^to mini vinyl cut outs from Etsy^^ 

^^Whether on colorblocked nails...^^ 

^^or even plain fingers, these monograms spice all nails up!^^

^^After all, you can always keep it classy with bridal white^^

What do you think- are monograms nails a yay or nay?  Taking the trend too far or a unique addition to your day?
xo, Elissa

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