Wednesday, March 6, 2013

We Do Wednesday

So a big part of why I started Partyliss was not only because I enjoy planning parties, but I LOVE creating unique items to go along with them.  We Do Wednesday helps show how I do just that-- in this segment I will be showing how I create DIY (do it yourself) projects that you can complete as well.  While I can't promise these will be every week, I can promise that it won't just be taping something onto a backing-- we take our DIYs very seriously here!

Today's We Do Wednesday is a banner that I have seen floating around Etsy and Pinterest.  This cute prop can be used for photo ops or as decor, behind a candy bar, tied onto two chairs, or even in front of a sweetheart table.  It costs almost nothing and literally took me 30 minutes TOTAL from start to finish.  Excited?  So was I.

You need to start with your letters.  I was going to cut these out and glitter them myself, but during my daily trip to Michaels, I discovered these in their discount section.  Coupon in hand (never go to Michaels without one-- just download the app!) I took my letters to work, scheming about my project for the night.  Creating your own wouldn't be too tough-- you could print out your letters in your desired font, print/trace them onto some foam board, and cut out with an X-acto knife.

Even though pre-glittered, the sparkly particles were still leaving a trail.  I assumed this part, so I also picked up some modge podge sealant spray at Michaels.  After 2 coats (with 15 minutes drying time each) we were good to go!

I then realized not all of the letters had 2 holes for threading.  Because of this, I whipped out some screwdrivers to achieve the look I wanted.  Starting with the smallest size head, I made a hole and kept widening it with larger heads.  

All that was left to do was thread the letters through, and TA-DAH!

Looking back, I wish I would have made some extra holes in the tops of the "M"s to create a cohesive threading look, so I may go back and do that.  In all, such a simple project and now an awesome prop to add to my inventory for my lovely brides!

Any questions?  You know how to find me :)
xo, Elissa

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