Wednesday, March 27, 2013

We Do Wednesday: Doesn't have to SUCK

I'm sensing a trend between these DIY posts and their Monogram Monday counterparts ;)  But seriously, after seeing those beauties on Monday, I had to do this, so easy and such a cute (and personalized!) addition to any event.

(PS: excuse my photography skills, it was late, lighting was bad, and I'm still learning!)

Knowing I wanted circles, I went to Michaels and purchased this punch from Martha Stewart.  I mean, Martha wouldn't lead me wrong in the crafting department right?  I'm always in need of circular shapes and I figured this would save me a lot of cutting and aggravation in the future- a worthwhile investment

In Microsoft Word, I created a circle approximately 1.5"x1.5" (the size of the punch) and made sure my graphics fit in each of them and fit next to each other.  After running a test sheet of regular paper (to make sure the punches didn't overlap), I printed it on cardstock, giving it a more finished feel.

I found that putting the paper in upside down helped me find the right placement so my graphics were perfectly centered in the circle.

Next up, flip it all over, and push down!  This wasn't as easy with cardstock as it was your normal computer paper, so I recommend using both hands :)

and I kept punching...

And punching... (oops, spot the messed up/missed one up there?)

And finally they were all 95% cut out


Reminds me of giant confetti!

I tried a 3 hole puncher, but found that an individual hole puncher gave me a more accurate result, ensuring that my holes were directly above/under each other

Just thread them into your straws (picked these babies up in the Michael's dollar section!) and wam, bam, thank you ma'am!  As I said, so easy to make, yet so impacting for any party!

See, didn't have to suck did it? :)  Until next time...
xo, Elissa

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