Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tuesday Blues-day: Blair Waldorf

Anyone else missing Blair Cornelia Waldorf (Bass?) as much as I do?

Le sigh, nothing in books or TV can ever replace my beloved Gossip Girl.  In true Blair fashion, homegirl went out with a bang in the season finale wedding to her true love.  While she notoriously donned an ivory Vera Wang gown for her first wedding (feel free to contact me [or Google] for a FULL recap on that), she donned this gorgeous Elie Saab gown the 2nd time around.

Although I am not condoning Chuck's look (for someone whom usually has great style, not your best work GG!)  White and baby blue on the groom- not for me!

Anyone missing Gossip Girl as much as I am?  Or being outfitted in this pretty shade for their event?  I'd love to know!

You know you love me ;),
xo, Elissa

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