Monday, March 4, 2013

Re-emergence of Monogram Monday!

So Monogram Mondays was the first recurring post I ever thought of back in 2009.  If you want to read past monogram mondays, see hereherehere AND here.  I love looking back and seeing that the ideas in those posts are still applicable today!  Makes me a happy planner- happy miss, happy partyliss!

While not a total prepster (don't think I've ever bought anything from J Crew), monograms have always been a love affair of mine.  I don't know if it's something about your initials on an item (thanks to having an unique spelling of my name and missing out on tons of keychains, stickers and personalized  tchotchkes galore!) or just the elegant customization of the 3 lettered design, but I LOVE me some monograms :)

Monograms are also a huge part of the wedding, since the bride's will change and her new name/monogram is her first introduction as a wife!  Wedding etiquette states that only a 2 letter monogram (consisting of the bride and groom's first initials) can be used prior to the actual ceremony, although many modern brides choose to break with this tradition with their wedding invitations and ceremony programs.

Being the common motif that they are, I love finding new ways to display them throughout the wedding.  While discovering them on a cocktail napkin or menu card may be commonplace, I hope to use these posts show you ways that you have never seen too many times before!


Today's Monogram Monday is an accessory that has become quite popular and fashionable in the past year or two.  I present you: the monogram necklace:

Before you smack me for showing you something that is not "new" and you have "seen this many times before" bear with me for a sec!  Have you ever seen a bride displaying her new initals on her neck in the reception or at brunch the next day?  Giving her look a updated (literally!) and trendier look for her reception, I'm sure every bride would love to receive this pre-wedding gift.  A happy sign of what her future holds!

Any other monogram lovers out there?  Let's see how I can help you incorporate them uniquely into your next soiree!

Happy Monday!
xo, Elissa 

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