Monday, March 18, 2013

Monogram Monday: Wet 'n Wild!

So as I was perusing around for my Monogram Monday selection, I stumbled upon the usual suspects- monogram gobos projected on to dance floors, walls, and the occasional pool.  While fantastic looking, these usually necessitate professional help and aren't always too budget savvy!  "There's got to be another way" said my head, and it finally came to me- floating pool monograms!

another photo with no credit!  If anyone has an idea, please let me know!

I literally searched to the end of the internet and found that some people had the same idea, but they were few and far between!

I'm surprised I haven't more of these, especially since here in South Florida, people love their floating decor for pools!  This looks like a DIY project one could attempt and I'm intrigued to see if more of these will pop up at events!

They'd be great for birthday parties too, with the guest of honor's number floating away, or even just your last initial, for those outdoor fetes!

Spring and Summer are just around the corner 
& I am excited to see the decor that comes with it!
xo, Elissa

PS- I decided to DIY this!  Click here to see how I did it & the final product!

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