Monday, March 11, 2013

Monogram Monday: Petal Monogram

How gorgeous is the above picture?  Like I have mentioned before, I strive to show innovative ways to use your monogram and this is definitely one of those!  For any outdoor wedding, the simplistic elegance of this idea blows me away.

Since these elements are created a few petals at a time, you can completely transform your monogram/logo into this piece of work adjacent to your event.  What a nice surprise (especially surrounded by candlelight at night!) and visual element to add to the ambiance of your soiree! 

I've seen initials and designs on aisles before, but I hate how they are ruined by the opening walkers down the way, prior to the bride ever seeing it, let alone walking on it!  This still gives you the aesthetic element without ever having to compromise the look of the design throughout the event!

I'm thinking this would be stunning indoors as well and also could be gorgeous for a bridal shower or that spring party you are throwing soon ;)

Do you like using florals into distinct elements  as much as I do?  (For the sake of this blog), I sure hope so!
xo, Elissa

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