Friday, March 8, 2013

Fab Pic Friday

Today's post is in honor of one of my favorite friends (Hi Marisa!) and her favorite wedding image,
because this Harry Winston ad is perfection.
Not just because it's Harry (that does help of course!)
but becuase of how real it is!
Her hair isn't perfect [my middle name is flyaway] --
& look at that cake they are insinuating that she's eating... YUMMO!
Plus, she just looks so happy! (as she should on her wedding day!)

...of course the only non-average thing is that ring
but hey-
 I do NOT mind it! :)

(the model BTW is Freja Beha Erichsen and she's been doing her fair share of Harry Winston Ads--
see her in their Winter 2012 campaign here & in the 2010 campaign [including the picture above] here)

Make this weekend a good one!
xo, Elissa

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